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End of Year Tips

As the school year winds down, there are a few things you can do to organize your Teams by Swivl account and store your Swivl Robot for the fall. Check out our tips below:


    1. Make sure the robot base, markers, and Swivl Link have updated firmware; this will ensure successful functioning of Swivl in the Fall. Follow directions here to update firmware on your robot kit.
    2. Before boxing up for the summer, charge all parts of the robot kit (base and markers) to 100%. Dock the Primary Marker in the Base and store it this way all summer long. If you have additional Markers, make sure they are also charged to 100% - use the marker charging cable. Avoiding 0% battery prolongs your hardware life cycle - see more details in this article.
    3. In order not to lose any hardware accessories, keep everything labeled and organized in your Swivl kit. If you have created an inventory check out form or list at the beginning of an academic year, don't forget to track all the robots and their components there.

    Review the Team licenses in your Team.

    • contact Customer Success to acquire more Team licenses if necessary
    • double-check the renewal date of your Team


    1. If you plan to leave your organization, discuss what should happen to your videos with your Team Administrator or Owner* 
    2. If your Admin plans to ‘remove’ you from the Team (not ‘lock’), we recommend you change your account email to a personal email address so you can continue to have access to your account in the future. In the event you lose your password, you will not be able to utilize traditional password recovery through your old district email address.
    3. Complete coaching cycles and download video analytics with comments, rubrics, and speech analysis.
    4. Organize your 2021-22 videos into Folders.
    5. Share the videos into appropriate Groups.
    6. Remember that if you haven't used your videos for a long time, they will be archived.
    7. If you want to enable your colleague to download, edit or share your video with others, try sending a copy of the video to their library.
    8. Lock the accounts of the people who will be leaving the district or organization or simply remove the accounts of anyone who may not be part of your program next year (removal will allow them to join other Teams in the future). Locking an account gives you continued access to that Team Member's videos.  
    9. Encourage users you plan to ‘remove’ (not ‘lock’) to change their account email to a personal email address so they don't lose access to their account in the future. In the event they lose their password, they will not be able to utilize traditional password recovery through their district email.
    10. Create or Remove User Labels for the following school year if there are some changes expected in your school or department hierarchies.
    11. Create or Remove Rubrics for the following school year if there are changes expected to your coaching program next year.

Our Swivl Webinar Series will take a short break over the summer and resume in August! In the meantime, visit our Events Page and Youtube page to view recordings of past webinars on a variety of topics.

Stay safe and enjoy your summer break!

~ Swivl Team

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