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Setting up User Labels

Available for Reflectivity team owner/admin

There are many reasons a Reflectivity team owner could use user labels, chiefly among them: to save time and increase efficiency in your team management. 

Select team members of a particular User Label in order to add them in bulk to a common sharing group. 

Why are Labels Necessary?

1) For Organizing Higher Ed Students

If students in your university are your team members it makes sense to assign them labels based on their progress in your course or program. Since the students participating in a Swivl program may change every semester, you'll want to give your students a user label according to the semester they graduate or leave the program. That way, when they graduate (congratulations!), you can simply filter all students with the user label of that semester out and either remove or lock their Reflectivity (Teams) accounts from your team. 

2) For Organizing Teachers

You can assign teachers more than one user label, and that way you can organize and filter them by grade, or subject, or even by the name of the instructional coach with whom they work. You can then filter videos by these user labels to identify all videos created by teachers of a specific subject, for example. 

3) For Organizing Multiple Schools

As an admin within a school district, you can assign your team members user labels based on the school where they teach. This way, you can easily identify the videos produced by teachers from the same school. If you have multiple admins from each school, your admins will be able to filter for videos created by solely their teachers. 

These are just a few examples of how assigning user labels to your team members is essential in making your role as a Reflectivity team admin easy and efficient.

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How to Set Up User Labels

User Labels are optional but will help you identify and sort team members in your team table quickly and easily. They are only required if you plan to build in Rubrics for time-stamped commenting.

1. In the Setup tab, under Settings, select User Labels and click the blue Add New Label button on the upper right side of your screen.

2. Type your User Label title and create it. 


3. Go to the Team tab, select Members.

4. Select a team member by clicking the checkbox next to their name (or do this in bulk by selecting multiple team members' checkboxes). 

5. A bulk actions menu will appear at the top. Choose one or multiple User Labels from the User Labels sub-menu.


With user labels, you can do bulk actions to users of a specific label.

1. Click Filters

2. Click on User Labels

3. Select the user label you would like to perform the bulk action on

4. Click Apply

5. Now you can perform bulk actions on those users


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