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Creating and Managing Groups

 Available for a Team only

Groups are private sharing folders among any number of individuals. 

Creating Groups

1. In the Groups tab, click the blue Add new group

2. Add Group Name and set a purpose - it will be visible on the left of the Group page to all Group members

3. Choose your preferred sharing and notification settings




 4. The screen that follows is your Group page. Here you need to click the "Add members" button and select Members you want to add to this Group




5. Changing member access, later on, follows the same process. Click on the three small dots on the Group thumbnail and you will be taken to the member selection page. You can Add New Members by clicking the same button - Add New Members Or you can Remove Group Members by clicking the red minus icon in the Action column



In case you do not have access to creating groups, you will see a tooltip with explanation. 


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