Getting Started with Reflection


Available for: Reflectivity team members

To start reflecting, log in to your Reflectivity account using your credentials at


First, you will see your team's most popular topics. The more often members choose the same topic, the larger that topic will appear on the board.


Click the arrow on the right to see the most recent activity from your team.


Click the arrow on the right again to see “My topics.”


Here you can see the topics you have chosen to focus on. To add a new topic, click the “+” button, enter the topic, and select your state.


To reflect on a topic, hover over it and click on the "Reflect" button. You can adjust your state based on your work, or dive deeper with a written reflection. You can also add video evidence. 


To start a discussion with a colleague about your reflection, click the share arrow on the top right and choose who you would like to share with. Once you have shared, a discussion board will open up to the right of your reflection. You and anyone you have shared with can view and leave comments. Please be informed, that if you have included video evidence in your reflection, the video will be visible to the person that you have shared it with only in the reflection itself. The video evidence will not appear in their Shared with Me Videos feed unless you share it with them separately from your reflection.  Discussion.gif

In the “Activity” tab you can see updates about reflections you have shared with others and ones that have been shared with you.


From the “Activity” tab, choose one of the reflections to view and leave new comments.


In the “My topics” tab, you can have up to three active topics at a time. When you are done working on a topic, add it to your backlog by hovering over the topic and choosing the “Move to backlog” button.


You can view your backlogged topics by clicking on the “Backlog” button on the bottom of the page.


Check out eLearning resource for the Reflectivity platform here.

Click here to check what features are available for different account types - What are Reflectivity (Teams) Account Types and Privileges?

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