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What are Teams by Swivl Account Types and Privileges?

Team Accounts

When you purchase a Team subscription to Teams by Swivl, you are acquiring a number of Pro accounts  for your Team. There are a few roles you will need to become familiar with to decide who needs what kind of access on your Team.


A Team may only have one Team Owner (who occupies one Pro seat on his or her Team), and that person can choose to upgrade other Pro Users to become Team Administrators (who also occupy Pro seats on the Team) to help manage the Team and control some user-facing settings. The chart below describes the different privileges available to each type of Pro user on your Team: Owner, Admin, and Pro User. You are allotted an unlimited number of Standard users free of charge but their privileges are limited. 


Highlights for Team Owner:

  • Security
  • Video and User Access Controls for Administrators


Highlights for Team Administrator(s):

  • Rubric Creation
  • Team Member Management
  • Video and User Access Controls (only when granted by Team Owner)


Highlights for Pro users:

  • Secure Sharing
  • Multi-Marker Bookmarking during Recording
  • Time-Stamped Commenting with Rubrics
  • Screencasting and Web Recording



Standard User

Pro User

Pro Administrator

Pro Owner

Set up security preferences for Team members

Set up sharing preferences for Team Members





Create Rubrics

Download analytics on Team member videos

Manage member access and user analytics

Create video tags to categorize your videos

Direct share, share to groups, embed to LMS

Receive feedback from other Swivl users with time-stamped comments and Rubrics

(Requires Team)

Screencasting your presentation on the PC at the same time as Swivl Robot record yourself

Multi-Marker Bookmarking while you record

Request transcription of the video

Record with five devices at the same time (Chromebook, Android, or laptop compatible)

Merge video clips into a new project

Send a Copy

Smart playback

Auto-microphone playback

Export multi-marker tracks separately

Export multi-video projects as separate files

Record with two devices at the same time

Web recording

Live streaming

In-platform editing: rename, trim

Multi-microphone audio selection with Speech Analysis

Unlisted weblink sharing

Apply custom video tags on the video description

(Requires Team)

Apply Rubrics to Pro Team Members' videos

(Requires Team)

Watch projects shared to Team groups (Requires Team)

Download comment and speech analytics on your own videos

Unlimited storage 


Below is a video showcasing the differences between a Pro account and a Standard account.

Non-Team Accounts

No Team? We certainly recommend it for the best possible experience and to increase coaching and collaboration in your organization; however, if you're just not there yet, there are two other account types available to you. 


Individual Pro Subscription:

If you have not yet selected the "Create a Team" option in your profile, but have purchased an individual subscription, then you are considered an Individual Pro user. You will still have most capabilities described in the Pro column above (but none of the Team-related items). Please note that you are always allowed to create a Team with a single Individual Pro subscription and we encourage you to do so! You may also invite unlimited Standard users to your Team but remember: their privileges are limited.


Individual Standard Subscription:

If you have not purchased an individual Pro subscription, then you are considered an Individual Standard user. Your capabilities are listed in the Standard column above (except for any Team-related items). 

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