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To access your video projects, select Library from the Navigation Bar. Here, you will see all of the videos you have created and uploaded to Teams by Swivl. When you select a video project, you can start a Session for self-reflection and coaching, leave time-stamped comments, edit the video, and share it with others.

Viewing Modes

Viewing modes allow you to interact with your video in different ways. The default view is Feedback mode, which allows you to watch the video, leave time-stamped comments, utilize rubrics, and share your video with others.

Sessions mode includes access to all the previously mentioned features, but focuses self-reflection and conversation on a specific intention - great for improving your craft or working with an instructional coach!

To change modes from Feedback to Session, select Session from the dropdown menu above the video.

The third viewing mode is View Only mode which is the best option for sharing videos with students and parents. You may post your own comments, but viewers cannot post comments on your video. Recommended Sharing methods: Weblink or Embed.

You can read more about viewing modes here.


Leaving Feedback, Comments, and More

While watching a video, you can leave public and private time-stamped comments, apply rubrics, and more. 

Learn more about this central feature here.


You can share videos directly with another person, to a group, as an embed, or as a weblink. To share your video, select the Share arrow on the upper right hand corner.

Read more about sharing here.

Additional Options

To access additional options such as changing the title, editing or deleting the video, creating a copy of the project, and more, select the three dots on the upper right hand corner next to the Share arrow.


Edit Project Info allows you to edit the title, description, tags, and add links to additional materials.


Speech Analysis shows how much audio each marker picked up during a multi-marker recording.

Learn more about recording Multi-Marker projects here.


Statistics displays how many times the video has been viewed, who viewed it, and how many comments have been created.


Read more about Statistics here.

Edit Video enables you to trim and cut your video, as well as select a new thumbnail image. Learn more about editing here.

Duplicate allows you to create an extra copy of a video in your library. This is helpful if you want to share the video with different people or groups. For example, you may want to share one copy with an instructional coach so they can leave feedback only you and the coach can see, and another copy with students that does not include those comments. Read more about duplicating here.

Send a Copy saves a copy of the video to another user's Library and gives them full ownership of that copy. The new owner will be able to edit and share the video without making changes to your original. Read more about sending a copy here.

Additionally, you can Download your video, Move it to a Folder, or Delete it.

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