C series and CX robots: Recording Multi-Marker Projects

 Available for: Standard, Pro, Admin, Owner

 Multi marker recording offers you:

  • Playback and listen to the audio tracks independently on Swivl Teams. 
  • Listen to Secondary Markers during recording: While you're recording your multi-marker video, you can also live to listen to the Secondary Markers by plugging in a set of earbuds to the Primary marker. More details here.
  • In-ear coaching: Simply connect a set of earbuds to the Primary Marker for one on one conversations (through the right earbud only).


1. Connect your Robot to a mobile device:


2. Turn on the Robot and the Markers, open the Teams app (Robot Tab), and make sure that all Markers you are about to use are paired and displayed in the Teams app


3. If some of the markers are missing, please pair them. You can find more information here: Pairing Additional Markers.


4. After all Markers are successfully paired you can start capturing a video.


The Swivl Base follows only the Primary Marker. Secondary Markers only pick up the audio. If you want your Swivl to follow the Secondary Markers as well, click to continue to the next article Marker Tracking Handoff.


If you are in the middle of recording a Multi-marker video in your classroom, you can easily switch between groups/students, to observe the progress.

To switch between the Secondary Markers, please do the following:

  • Connect headphones to the Primary Marker;
  • Press left and right arrows on the Marker to switch between Secondary Markers;
  • Press up and down arrows to control volume in your earphones.

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