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Downloading Videos

Downloading Videos from Swivl Teams

Can I download videos shared with me?

Please pay attention to the type of the video you are going to download: 

- if it is a multi-marker video, a Team Member can download it with all markers merged into a single audio track, or download each marker audio separately (without video);

- screencast can be downloaded as separate videos;

- a dual-camera video - videos can be downloaded separately;

-a multi-camera video - can be downloaded as separate videos;

-videos shared by other users - an owner of the video can Send a copy of this video to you

Downloading Videos from Swivl Teams:

1. Open a video from your Library.  Click on the three dots at the top right-hand corner and select 'Download' from the dropdown menu:




2. Click on the download button in the pop-up. After you click the file name or the icon next to it the download should begin immediately, and the mp4 file will populate in your Downloads folder (or whichever folder you designated). Each multi-marker track can be exported separately:


Download options can be restricted by Team Owner so if you are a Team Member and have issues accessing the Download feature, contact your Team Owner first.


Can I download videos shared with me?

Shared videos cannot be downloaded due to privacy and security reasons.

All users can download only videos created by them from their Swivl Teams Library - as owners of videos. 

You can watch and comment on videos shared with you. All shared videos are listed in your Feed.

If the owner of the video has a Team account, they can share videos with another Swivl user sending a copy thus letting other users download videos captured by them.

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