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Recording a Multi-Camera Video

Available for: a Non-Reflectivity user (two devices)
a Reflectivity user (up to 5 devices - Swivl Robot and 4 additional cameras)
Multi-camera videos allow you to:
  • Record videos of yourself from one main device and videos of the people in the classroom from additional devices and have them merged into one side-by-side video
  • Record the videos of yourself and the broadcast of your presentation from additional device and have them merged into one side-by-side video
  • Store and playback the multi-camera videos in your Reflectivity (Teams) account


The Wi-Fi connection must be stable during the entire recording and uploading process.

1. Connect the teacher’s mobile device (compatible iOS or Android device) to the Robot:


2. Turn on the Robot and the Primary marker.

3.  Log in to the Swivl Capture app with your credentials, open the Home screen and tap on the ’Multi-camera’ icon:


4. If you cannot see the ’Multi-camera’ icon, please enable it in the Settings and go back to the Home Screen.

5. The app will display the code that you will input on the other recording devices using the Swivl Capture+ app to join the recording:


Enter the title of your video before it records so you can get back to your life faster and ensure your upload has a relevant name! 

6. Open the Swivl Capture+ app or web: cloud.swivl.com/plus  on the students’ devices (iOS, Android, laptops, Chromebooks):

            Teams%2B.png Swivl_Capture%2B_log_in_screen.jpg

7. Enter the pin code and click on ‘Join’:


You can enter your name on the additional device:


8. See the connected devices on the teacher’s device on the Home Screen:

- for Non-Reflectivity users;


-for Reflectivity users:



9. Start recording either from the Primary Marker or from the teacher’s mobile device


10. After you stop recording, the videos from every device will be uploaded on Reflectivity (Teams) web platform at https://cloud.swivl.com/videos/private and composed into a single video. Please make sure not to close the web browser or Students’ devices until the uploading process is completed.


If you're a Non-Reflectivity user, you can still set up a dual camera recording following the same instructions (for dual-camera, you will be limited to only one additional device, and not four).

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