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Live Streaming Audio Setup: Traditional Setup for iOS

*see all possible setup options for your live streaming here

 Available for: Standard, Pro, Admin, Owner, C-Series Robot, CX Robot


During Traditional Setup, you will hear remote student voices through earbuds attached to the  Primary Marker.  Sound will come through the right earbud only.
You will not be able to hear remote student audio through tablet speakers. 


For your convenience, we created a printable  Step by Step Audio Setup Guide to help you with the right setup and steps - print the pages you need!


We recommend that your students follow best practices for audio participation during the live stream. Following these guidelines will increase the clarity and volume of remote students audio during a live stream session.


*Note: Use Traditional setup for live-streaming with Zoom and MS Teams. Google Meet will NOT work with iOS devices in the Traditional Setup. See our Integrated Audio Setup if you would like to use Google Meet.



Instructions for Traditional setup



computer_swivl_robot.png Swivl Robot and iOS device



earbuds with microphone 



Instructions for Traditional setup

First Time Setup: Install Teams by Swivl and a live streaming platform you are using on your mobile device. 

Use Traditional setup for live-streaming with Zoom and MS Teams. If you want to use a different live-streaming app, see  Integrated Audio Setup

app_store.jpg Teams_by_Swivl.jpg Zoom_icon.jpg MS_Teams_icon.jpg

Make sure your Robot firmware is up to date. Your app should notify you if you need a firmware update. Select "Update" to accept the firmware update. You can always check your firmware version in your Teams by Swivl app settings. Refer to the instructions here to update your firmware manually.


1. Connect your mobile device to your Robot.


2. When prompted, click "ok" to allow robot access. Open Teams by Swivl app.


3. Turn on your marker(s). 


4. Plug your earphones into the 3.5mm headphone jack on the Primary Marker. The Primary Marker is the teacher's marker. Wear only the right earbud so you can hear remote students.

(Tip: You can adjust the volume of the earphones by using the Primary Marker's "up" and "down" directional arrows. More marker features here.)



5. In the Teams by Swivl app home screen, tap the Zoom or MS Teams in the Stream section. Only Zoom and MS Teams will work in the Traditional Audio Setup. Swivl will remember what you selected the last time and default to that option the next time you open the app.



6.  Swivl will open the Zoom or MS Teams app. Start or join a live stream session. 

If using Zoom: Select "Call Over the Internet".



If using MS Teams: Tap the camera and microphone icon to enable audio and video.


Volume Control: Adjust the speaker volume to max. Next, click on the directional arrow “up” on the Primary Marker until you have achieved maximum volume.


You can record Zoom sessions in the Zoom interface. If you have a Zoom account with cloud storage and you are part of a Team on Swivl Teams website, you can set up your recordings to auto-upload to  Swivl Teams. See more details in the Zoom Integration article.

You may be able to record MS Teams sessions through your MS Teams account.


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