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CX and C Series: iOS Compatibility

For Android compatibility see
C Series and Android compatibility
CX and Android Compatibility


1. Download the latest version of the Teams by Swivl app for iOS on the Apple store for your device.

Check the most recent Teams by Swivl versions in our article Product Updates

Appstore.png Teams_by_Swivl.jpg

 2. Use iOS device running iOS 10.x through iOS 14.x - lightning or Type C connector devices only

  • iPhone: 5 and newer;
  • iPad Pro: IPad Pro (2015, 1st gen) and newer;
  • iPad Air: IPad Air (2013) and newer;
  • iPad: iPad 4and newer;
  • iPad Mini: Mini 2 and newer;
  • iPod: 6th gen and newer.



3. Use the white lightning cable provided in your C Series kit to connect to your Swivl robot:

4a. C-Series: For Type C iOS devices you will need to use Swivl Android cable or micro-USB to micro-USB cable and a special USB Type C adapter with OTG support to ensure full data transmission to/from the robot.



4b. CX includes a USB Type C cable for Type C iOS devices.



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