Navigating Reflectivity Admin Portal

Available for Reflectivity team owner/admin
Whether you're a new admin looking to take full advantage of your privileges or someone who would like a refresher on how to customize your Reflectivity team account, in this guide you'll learn how to...
  • Add users to your Reflectivity team 
  • Organize your users by creating labels
  • Create custom rubrics 
  • Remove and lock users
  • Create Group Folders and add members
  • Download Excel files of video comments, student and teacher talk time, and viewing analytics

...And more! Use the contents to see the details.

  • As a Reflectivity team admin, you have access to statistics that inform you about your team and the videos your members are uploading. 

    In the Dashboard tab, you can see the most active members, as well as the recent activity in your team. These can be filtered to give more specific information.


    On your right, you will see different information about all Feedback activity in your Team. 

    Scrolling down, you can see: 

      • the number of videos uploaded
      • the number of videos shared
      • the number of comments made
      • and the number of videos viewed. 


  • In Statistics, you can see how each of your Reflectivity team members has been using the platform. Navigate to the Statistics tab by clicking the Statistics button on the left under "Dashboard".

    The Skills tab shows all the skill that were created in your Reflectivity team, including the ones that nobody is currently working on. 

    Statistics on skills.gif

    On Members (Skills) tab you can see the skills that at least one of your Reflectivity team members is working on. 

    Statistics on skills members.gif

    The Members (videos) tab in the Statistics dashboard shows:

    • the number of videos uploaded
    • live-streaming sessions
    • videos shared
    • videos viewed
    • comments made by each user.

    It also shows you when team members were last active. You can search for specific users using the search bar. You can sort users by different metrics.

    Statistics on Members videos.gif

    You can also view statistics about your user labels, group folders, robot logs (the information about the battery level of the robot and the markers at the beginning of each live-stream, the name of a Reflectivity team member who used it, and the date of the stream) and similarly search for specific words and sort by different metrics.

    Statistics on other.gif

    Besides, you can download member statistics in the top right corner.

  • The Members table is interactive! Click on each user to learn more about them.


    Add a new Reflectivity team member

    Please note you can add up to 25 members at a time.

    1. In the Members tab, click the blue Add New Member button
    2. Enter the First & Last name(s) and email address(es). If you are a Reflectivity team owner, you can decide their membership level(s) (member or admin), if you are a Reflectivity team admin, you do not have such an option*. You can add up to 5 members once by clicking on the + Add more button.  
    3. Click Send Invite
      * If you are an admin, and need to invite one more admin, then, first, invite this person to the Reflectivity team and then allocate admin level to them. 
      Note: only a Reflectivity team owner can downgrade an admin.


  • You have multiple options for removing users from your Reflectivity team and reclaiming Reflectivity team licenses for continuous use throughout your subscription. A Reflectivity team owner or admin may perform the following actions on any Reflectivity team member:

    Assign a new Reflectivity team owner (this team member should be a team admin before the reassignment)

    Remove or


    For more information, please check the following article: Changing Reflectivity team members' account type or access to the team

  • If you are a Reflectivity team owner or admin, you can also create and share a member’s video to a group folder (but first make sure that this member is in the group folder you are sharing the video to).

    1. To create a new group folder as an admin, please go to the group folders tab and click the "Add new folder" button


    2. Enter the title and the description of the group folder


    3. Add members to group folder


    4. You will be prompted to choose the group folder sharing and notification settings which you can later change by clicking on the three dots on the top right corner on the Folder page


    When sharing a video to a group folder, please perform the following steps: 
    1. Open admin portal
    2. Go to the videos tab
    3. Click on three dots of the video you’d like to share
    4. Select a group folder


  • Rubrics with standards, categories, and scores may be applied to time-stamped comments. You can create your own rubrics or use one of our templates to start.

    To find more information about creating rubrics, please check out our article: Creating Rubrics

    You can learn how to use rubrics, standards, scores, and comments for collaboration and self-reflection here.

    *Need help devising a Rubric/Standards? We have tons of experience working with teams that use rubrics for instructional coaching, teacher preparation, peer mentoring, and self-reflection. We even have sample Rubrics you can adapt for your program. Email us:

  • As a Reflectivity team owner, you can change the name of your team, define sharing options available for your team members, and decide whether members can create groups and whether admins can see the content of other team members. You can also assign a Reflectivity team admin to be a new team owner in case of necessity. Please note, there can be only ONE Reflectivity team owner. You can find more details here
  • Reflectivity team accounts

    When you purchase a Reflectivity team subscription, you are acquiring a number of team accounts ($75 each) for your team. There are a few roles you will need to become familiar with to decide who needs what kind of access on your Reflectivity team.

    A Reflectivity team may only have one team owner (who occupies one team seat), and that person can choose to upgrade other team members to become team administrators to help manage the Reflectivity team and control some user-facing settings. If during an academic year you decide that you need more Reflectivity team licenses, you can always add them to your team, just contact your Customer Success manager.

    For more information about Reflectivity features, please check the following article: Account Privileges

    To renew your subscription, please check out: Reflectivity (Teams) Subscription

  • Shadow login is a Reflectivity team owner/admin privilege. Shadow login will temporarily allow you to access a team member's account as if you were logged in with their credentials. This feature allows you to locate a video and "send a copy" of the video to yourself if needed. One common use-case for this feature is for admin to send copies of videos to themselves so they can create a best practice video library.
    To access shadow login, from the Admin Portal, go to Settings -> Security tab. Toggle on for "Shadow Login as user". If the toggle is disabled, please contact your Reflectivity team owner to enable this feature. 
    Next, go to the Members page. In the Action column, click on the 3 dot menu for a team member. Select "login to this member's account".

    When performing shadow login into one of your member's accounts, you will not be able to view the user's Notifications tab.

  • Once you log into your Reflectivity (Teams) account, you will automatically be directed to your Administrator Portal.


    1. To access the user side of your account, click on your name and email in the bottom left corner, and select "Switch to Member"

    Switch from Admin to Member.gif

    2. To switch back, just follow the same path, only this time select "Switch to Admin."
    Switch from Member to Admin.gif


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