How Can I Manage a Group?

1. How can I create a Group?

To create a new group, hover over the 'Personal' section to open the list -> click on '+ Group' from the list -> in the group creation form, specify the name, type, and language for your group -> click on 'Create' to save your new group.


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2. How can I change the name of a Group?

In order to change the name of a Group, choose the Group you wish to rename from the list by hovering over the name of the current Group you are working with -> click on the three dots button in the upper right-hand corner of the page and select 'Edit Group' option -> enter the name and click 'Save' to confirm the change.




3. How can I delete a Group?

To delete a Group, follow the same steps as above and choose the 'Delete Group' option after clicking on the three dots button in the upper right-hand corner of the page -> click 'Delete' to confirm your intention.


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4. How can I edit the name of the student?

To edit the name of the student who is in the Group, select the Group you are working with. Then, sort the Group participants by name on the left side of your screen and select the three dotes next to the name you want to change on the right. Edit the name and press Save. 


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