Setting Up Reflections

Setting up the Reflection

Available for website, app iOS/Android and Mirror device

Mirror offers multiple customization options to quickly and easily configure a reflection that's meaningful for learners. With each new reflection, there are three main elements to consider: 

1. What's your objective of this reflection?

2. Do you want to do more advanced customization of the reflection experience for learners?

3. Do you want to add a Workspace activity for learners to do before they reflect?

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Let's dive in.



Recording or writing an objective gives Mirror the ability to automatically align reflection prompts around your objective.

To record one, just hit "Record" and say your class objective. This can be an 'I-can-statement,' a learning standard, or anything else that helps learners understand what the experience should help them learn. 

Objectives recorded via voice will be heard during the reflection assignment, resulting in a personalized experience.

If you'd like to write it instead, just hit "Write."

Once you have an objective captured, watch how the prompts regenerate to be in line with your objective to save you time.


Customize Reflection

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To further customize the reflection you can adjust the following settings.

Focus: Switch to a different focus when you want to quickly adjust the overall focus of the reflection. Prompts automatically update the second you switch your focus.

Minimum Response: Adjust how much time a learner reflecting has to try to answer before getting the ability to move to the next prompt.

Video: Switch video recording of a reflection on or off.

Language: Switch between prompts in Spanish or English (more languages coming soon!).

Edit prompts manually: Switch this on to edit any prompts word by word.


Pre-reflection Workspace

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Check the box to enable an interactive learning experience that is delivered to learners before the reflection. You can add up to five instructional steps using Mirror's tools like the Whiteboard or the Timer. Read more about Workspaces here





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