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To find out more about your Reflectivity account and to adjust its settings, please visit the Profile page.

To open the Profile page, (1) click on your name and email address at the bottom left corner and (2) select “Profile” from the dropdown menu.


If you have uploaded a video from the mobile Swivl Capture app, but cannot find the video on the Reflectivity web at, please check whether email addresses in the Swivl Capture app Profile and this email address match.

On this page, you will find the name of this team account owner and the email address associated with this account.

You can also verify your account type (Reflectivity team [member, admin, owner] or free).


Your team owner's name will also appear if you're part of a team account, so you can get in touch with the right person to inquire about your organization's goals and expectations for using Reflectivity. 


Beneath this general info, you will find three tabs:

  • This block contains the personal information of the account owner.

    Here, you can:

    • change your email address and password
    • first name or last name
    • country
    • your role in the organization
    • upload, change, or remove your profile picture

    Please note: to change the email address/password, click on the “Change” button.

    To change the role or country, kindly select the option you need and save the changes.

    We also recommend uploading a profile picture for a more personalized experience inside Reflectivity! Learn how: 

    How to upload profile pic.gif


    If the email address you are currently using is about to change and you will not have access to it in the future (the district changes domains, you are transferring to a new position, you get married, etc), please make sure you have updated your Reflectivity (Teams) account with the new email address beforehand. This helps you maintain access to your videos in your account.



    If you signed up with Google, and now want to change the email address, please do the following:

    1. reset your password 
    2. change your email address


  •  In the Settings tab, you can: control different types of email notifications (account, comment, and video management-related emails), set up your notification preferences, and enable/disable Smart Playback.  


    Reflectivity team users can integrate their Reflectivity (Teams) and Zoom licensed accounts in order to automatically transfer cloud Zoom recordings on Reflectivity. This direct import allows access and apply all the advanced feedback and sharing features on Reflectivity to your Zoom recordings.

    For more details, please check out: Zoom Integration 


    In the User sessions block, you can see all open sessions for this account for both: Swivl Capture app and web with additional details (the name of the device, IP address, location, etc).

    Here, you can also sign out from all of these sessions in one click (apart from the session that is open and running at the moment).

    This feature is extremely useful in case you do not have physical access to the devices or you do not remember all the devices which you have used with Swivl Capture app.

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