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CX and C Series Robots: Pairing Markers


1. Connect your mobile device to the Swivl Robot.


2. Turn the robot and the markers on, open the Teams by Swivl app (Robot Tab).

3. Put the marker you want to pair into the robot's dock.


4. Blinking pair LED on the robot base and notification on the screen of the mobile device indicate that pairing is in progress.

5. Please wait until you see the 'Pairing complete' notification.


6. Take the marker out of the dock and turn it on. Please make sure you have the Primary Marker on, otherwise, the first marker you turn on -  will become the Primary (this applies for CX only). After successful pairing, you will see the marker appear in Robot Tab next to the Primary. Next, please repeat the same procedure with the rest of your markers.

Pairing_additional_markers.jpg markers_connected.png


7. Now you can select the color for the particular Marker, and the LED light on the CX Marker turns the same color - see CX and C Series robots: Changing colors of the Secondary Markers 


Please pay attention to some differences in Marker behavior:

CX Robot - the first marker you turn on for your CX robot will be the Primary Marker;

C Series Robot - you will need to manually set the marker you wish to Primary in the Settings.







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