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Can I Charge a Mobile Device while Using It with the Swivl Robot?

As of now, you can charge a mobile device connected to the C-Series or the CX robot. 

If you are not sure what model of the robot you have, please check Which Robot do I have? 


Mobile charging is a built-in feature of the CX robot

The CX robot connected to power can charge a tethered mobile device via a connection cable.

Typically, the device starts charging as soon as the Swivl Capture app is launched and successful connection is established. 


However, there are some limitations for Android devices. Please see the matrix below. Also, you can find more information regarding mobile devices compatibility here

CX Charging Matrix for Android devices

applies for FW 12.02.03 and newer

Availability Setup Sample devices

Works by default

Recording and any Live streaming setup

Samsung Tab S5e or Samsung Tab S6

Needs to be enabled manually - see in Advanced Settings -> Charge Device while Streaming


Live Streaming only in the Integrated Audio Setup

Lenovo M10(TB-X606F)

Samsung Tab S6 Lite

*If none of the above works, unfortunately, this device is not supported for charging.

Note: You must connect the CX robot charging cable BEFORE launching a recording or live-streaming.

When the CX robot connects to a power source, it will reset internally to provide power to the mobile device. Plugging in the robot charging cable after recording or live-streaming commences will break the “handshake” with the Swivl Capture app, and the audio streams might break. To restore the connection, please return to the Swivl Capture app.

C- Series

A mobile device connected to the C-Series concurrently can be charging via a Boost Cable. The Boost Cable allows you to charge most Swivl-compatible mobile devices.

Depending on the connection port of your device, there are two types of boost cables featured in the video tutorial:

The Swivl Boost Adapter works with Swivl-compatible lightning devices. 

The Swivl Boost-C Adapter works for some iOS and Android Type C mobile devices.

Boost Cable Step-by-Step Instructions with Photos

Proper Use Guidelines



NOTE You must connect the boost cable and the robot charging cable BEFORE launching a recording or live-streaming.

When the robot is connected to power, it will reset internally so that it can provide power to the mobile device. This will break the “handshake” with the mobile app and the audio streams might break. To fix that, the user will need to return to the Swivl Capture app to re-establish the handshake, and then continue with recording or streaming.

The mobile device will start charging AFTER the Swivl Capture app is launched.

Boost Cable for C-Series Robot and Lightning Devices

Works for Lightning devices - Make sure you have updated your firmware and the Swivl Capture app on the Swivl robot. 


Swivl Boost Cable


Boost-C Adaptor for C Series Robot, Type C iOS, and Android Devices

Works for iOS and Android Type C mobile devices - Make sure you have updated the firmware of your Swivl robot as well as Swivl Capture app on your mobile device.

Supported devices:

iPad Pro (with USB-C), Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e, Samsung Galaxy s10e (US Variant), Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Note: Lenovo Tab M10 FHD (with USB-C) and Oneplus 5 do not support this charging feature.



Boost-C Cable


Step-by-Step Instructions with Photos


1. Use Boost Cable and the micro-usb to Lightning cable. 


2. Plug the white micro-usb end into the Boost Cable.


3. Plug the Boost Cable into the robot micro-usb port.


4. Plug the Lightning cable into the mobile device.

Cable_clip.jpeg5. Secure the cable clip. Adjust cable length.

Boost_cable_into_the_adapter.jpeg6. Plug the Boost Cable into the adapter.

Turn_on_Swivl_Robot.jpeg7. Turn on the Swivl robot and allow access.

Teams_app_update.jpeg 8. If prompted, update the Swivl Capture app.


9. If prompted, update the firmware on your robot. 



10. Start the Swivl Capture app and start Swivlin'!



Proper Use Guidelines

Avoid these common mistakes when setting up and using your Boost Cables. 

Clip_too_low_.jpeg Too_many_rotations.jpeg Anchor_of_the_Boost_Cable_below_the_floor_stand_clip.jpeg
Placing the clip too low on the floor stand doesn't allow enough cable for rotation.  Allowing too many rotations which causes the Boost Cables to become tangled. This may cause tension that can damage the Swivl robot.  Placing the anchor of the Boost Cable below the floor stand clip. This will cause tension and limit rotation. 


If you are having difficulties charging a compatible mobile device first make sure that:

  • Swivl Capture app is opened
  • Only Boost Cable and Base Charging cable must be connected
  • If CX adapter is used, the Boost Cable must be plugged into the 2.4a port 

If the issue persists, please share the following information to

  • Serial number of your Swivl robot
  • Firmware number of the Swivl robot
  • Swivl Capture app version
  • Photo of the power adapter along with the charging setup.
  • Number of Boost Cables you have in total.
  • Number of Boost Cables that are malfunctioning. 

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