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What Happens to My Stuff When My Reflectivity Team Expires?

Expired_Reflectivity_team.pngIf you see the following message, that means that your Reflectivity team has expired. If there is no such message, you might have been removed from your Reflectivity team - check out this article  for more information. 

If Your Reflectivity Team Expired, Remain Calm: Nothing will happen to your videos!

Your videos will still be in your Videos tab and you'll be able to edit, trim, and leave time-stamped comments on your videos as always. 

Here are circumstances when you find that your Reflectivity team has expired:

You or your organisation paid for an annual Reflectivity team license and decided not to renew. Once the license ends, your team expires and you become a Reflectivity free user.

More details about what happens to your stuff when your Reflectivity team expires:

  • Any videos that you have shared with others via direct share or share to group folders will still be available for your recipients to view in their Shared with me Videos tab.
  • Any videos that have been shared with you via direct share will still be available to you. Any videos that have been shared with you via share to a group folder will still be available in your Shared with me Videos tab to view, provided that the owner of the video is still in the expired team or that the videos of that account has been transferred to someone who is still in the expired team.
  • Any videos that you have sent a copy of to other users will still be available to those users.
  • Exception: Any videos that you have embedded, will not be available to view in the hosted location where you embedded them.
If you are a Reflectivity team owner or admin and your team has expired, access to management team features is no longer available. Please contact your Customer Success Manager at

*NOTE: Reflectivity team members CANNOT be removed from an active Reflectivity team without contacting you for authorization. Reflectivity team owners and admins are solely responsible for authorizing changes to team membership. 

Swivl made it easy for me to handle my issue.
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