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Privacy of Team Members' Content

Teams by Swivl is a secure place to record, upload, store, and view videos. In this article, you will learn who can view your videos and comments based on the sharing options you have selected.

Recording and storing the videos on a mobile device

Videos you record using the Teams by Swivl app on a mobile device are stored on the device within the app and can then be uploaded to your account on the Teams by Swivl web platform. 

If you are using a shared mobile device for recording, always make sure you are logged into your Teams account to ensure your videos are uploaded to the correct account. 

After you record, you also have the option to save the video into your device’s photo gallery by selecting “Save.” 

Recording and uploading to Teams by Swivl web platform

When you upload a video to your Teams account, the video is only visible to you, the Team Owner, and the Team Administrators*. Other users can not see your video until you choose to share it.

You can view videos you have uploaded in your Videos tab.

*The visibility setting for Team Administrators can be enabled or revoked at any time by the sole discretion of the Team Owner.

Sharing a video

When you share a video, the users you share it with can watch it and, depending on the sharing options you selected, interact with it. However, you remain the owner of that video and are the only one with access to certain features, like downloading and editing.

If you select the “Send a Copy” option, the recipient becomes the owner of a new copy of the video and can then download, edit, and share that copy. Your original copy is not affected when they do this. 

You can read more about sharing options here. 

Commenting and Bookmarking 

When you leave time stamped comments or bookmarks on your video, you can make them visible only to yourself or to everyone with viewing rights to the video.

To make your selection, choose between “Everyone” and “Only Me.” “Only Me” means the comments are private, viewable only to yourself, Team Admins and your Team Administrators. Selecting “Everyone” means that anyone you have shared the video with will also see your comments.

More details about posting comments are here.


If you prefer not to allow comments or bookmarks on your video, set your commenting preferences for "Block commenting to others". 

It will allow students, parents, and other external stakeholders watch the video and to see your comments, but they cannot reply or post their own comments.


That way, even if you share your video with others, it will not be possible for them to post comments or bookmarks. 

Using Rubrics, Standards and Scoring

As a Team Member, you can use rubrics, standards and scores if they are set up by the Team Admins.

When you use a rubric while commenting, you can choose to make the rubric visible only to yourself or to everyone with viewing rights to the video.

Owner/Admin privileges

The Team Owner can, by default, view all videos uploaded by members of the Team after they joined the Team even if they have not been shared by the owner of the video. The Team Owner can also choose whether other Team Administrators may view Team Members’ videos that have not been shared with them by the owner of the video.

If, due to some reason, you are leaving the Team, the Team Owner has an option to either keep your videos within the Team or remove all of them.

Team Owner and Admins cannot view the Goals and Summaries of your Sessions and your Suggestions to preserve the integrity and privacy of your reflections

To learn more about the security and sharing options available to the Team Owner and Administrators, click here.

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