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Archived Videos

If the videos have not been used for a long time, they get archived. See below for more details:

Non-Reflectivity team free user
not used 1 year+, never shared or copied 
How to access
request form archive on the video page
How soon
video will be recovered within 48 hours 
How long
if not used within 7 days, the video will be sent back to archive

Archived videos have yellow icons under videos in your Videos tab:


If you open the video you will see the following message on the preview:


Click the Request button and within 48 hours the video will be recovered for playback.



Unless used within 7 days after recovery the video will be sent to the archive again and you will need to request it again.

Please be informed that it's impossible to edit, duplicate, or share an unarchived video. As a workaround, you can download it on your computer and upload it again to be able to use those features. 





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