Uploading a Video to Teams Web

Although you can achieve the best capture and upload experience by using the Teams app in combination with your Teams account, you can also upload a video file <5GB from your computer directly to your Teams account.

  • 1. Log in to your Teams account at

    2. In your Videos, choose the 'Add video' Tab at the top right-hand corner of the page or click the 'Upload' button in the lower-left corner of the page

    3. Select a video to upload


    4. Browse through your files to select a video file to upload

    5. Once you have found the video you want, click 'Open' to begin uploading the video to your Library

    6. This may take some time, depending on the quality of your internet connection and the size of your video

    7.  After the uploading is completed, you can select where you'd like to store the video - in the Videos Library or in a particular folder, you can name your video, add description and tags.


  • 1. Log into your iOS Teams app and tap the 'Import' button


    2. Select the video from your camera roll 

    Gallery.png      IMG_0679.PNG

     3. Set a name for your video


    4. Confirm Saving video from Camera roll to your iOS Teams app and it will save in your Teams Library.


  • Once you finished recording, you can upload your videos to Teams Web and access the secure storage and all the advanced editing, sharing, and exporting options that we offer. Automatic upload is enabled on your videos by default.

    If you do not wish for your videos to automatically upload to Teams by Swivl, you can disable this and manage other upload settings as described in this article. In this case, you can upload each recorded video manually when appropriate:

    Please be informed that the settings are set to "Auto-upload" on and "Storage saver" off by default. Auto-upload means that all the videos recorded are automatically uploaded to your Teams by Swivl Account. Storage Saver means that after being uploaded, the videos are deleted from the mobile device.


    If you have difficulties uploading a video, please do the following:


    1. Make sure you have a good Wi-Fi connection and turn off/turn on your Wi-Fi in mobile device settings. 

    iOS Android
    wifi_ios.png wifi_android.png


    2. Pause uploading and then resume it again. 

    iOS Android
    pause_uploading_ios.png pause_uploading_android.png

    3. Restart your wi-fi router if necessary

    4. Restart your Teams  app and re-login if necessary - this will restart all uploading processes again.

    5. If you are uploading at school please make sure that all necessary domains and ports are whitelisted and forward the following link to your IT department: Firewall Settings

    6. Turn off wi-fi and try uploading using the cellular network

    If you tried all the above steps and still can't upload please contact us at and share the following details:

    - the screenshots from the page 'Check Network':

    check_network_1.png check_network_2.png


    - the info with your Teams  app version;

     your iOS or Android version; 

    - date, the title of the video you recorded, and email you used to log into your Teams app on the mobile device;

    - if you see any error messages, please share screenshots. For Android devices please share a screenshot of your status bar - swipe down on your mobile device screen to see Android notifications.

    In the meantime, as a workaround, you can transfer your recorded video from your mobile device to your computer and upload it manually to your Teams by Swivl. 

When you upload a video to your Swivl Library, it remains private in your Library until you have chosen to share the video. However, as a Team Member, all of your videos are visible by Team Admin.

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