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Team Account Privileges


A purchased Teams by Swivl subscription creates a secure space for Team Members to collaborate through the use of video and asynchronous conversation tools. With a Team, Members can create videos, share them with individuals and groups, and leave time stamped comments with built-in rubric support.

Having a Team also gives the Team Owner and Administrators insight into how Members are using video to collaborate. User data is displayed and organized clearly through a robust Admin Portal. The Owner and Administrators can set standards for everything from self-reflections to observations through the use of rubrics.

Teams by Swivl helps educators use the power of video to support professional development by creating infrastructure for collaboration within campuses and across a district - all in the name of improving student outcomes.



Each Team has one designated Team Owner, and as many Administrators as you like. Team Owners and Administrators have oversight into user, video, and collaboration data. They can manage member access and change various settings, including adjusting sharing privileges, requiring unique video titles, and more. Owners and Administrators can also create rubrics, video tags, and sharing groups. 


The Team Owner also has special rights to adjust video viewing and login permissions for Administrators. Learn more about Team Owner and Administrator permissions here, and learn more about Navigating the Administrator Portal here



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