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Teams has become Reflectivity! 

A purchased Reflectivity subscription creates a secure space for team members, including admins and owners, to be energized and inspired by their peers through the use of the dashboards, written reflections and video. 

Reflectivity helps educators become energized by using the power of Reflection to support professional learning by creating infrastructure for collaboration within campuses and across an organization - all in the name of improving student outcomes and boosting teacher energy.

Each team has one designated team owner and as many administrators and members as needed (with a site license).


Members can:

Absorb energy by: 

  • reviewing topics across their organization
  • reading reflections shared with them
  • engaging with discussions about colleagues’ reflections  

Reflect energy by:

  • creating topics that they would like to work on
  • reflecting on their topics 
  • adding video evidence 
  • sharing reflections with colleagues
  • participating in discussion regarding their reflections

Owners and team admins can:

Set up the team:

  • add team members
  • determine sharing privileges
  • create user tags and video tags
  • add rubrics
  • select security features (Owner only)
  • adjust video viewing (Owner only)
  • adjust login permissions (Owner only)

Maintain the reflective energy of the team:

  • engaging in discussions with teachers reflections 
  • reviewing topics to notice trends
  • allow topics to direct professional learning opportunities
  • support collaboration among teachers
  • use data to determine the best use of budgetary resources

Learn more about owner and administrator permissions here, and learn more about Navigating the Administrator Portal here.


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