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What Are Skills and Topics in Reflectivity?

 Available for a Reflectivity team only

Reflectivity provides you with a possibility to choose or create skills and topics that you want to work on and reflect. Skills describe the solutions teachers are working on in their classrooms. There can be many Skills under one Topic. 

Select a skill

You can get inspiration to choose skills that you would like to work on from the Inspiration board. Change the proposed sets of skills by selecting a different topic from the drop-down menu at the top left corner.
Inspiration for skills.gif

You can also create a skill yourself. To add a new topic and skills to work on, click on the “+” button and enter the topic name. You can either choose a topic and a skill from suggested options or write your own.Choose a topic and a skill.gif

Activate a skill

To activate a skill, select it on Activity board, click on "You" and choose where would you like to see yourself in a month and which steps are you going to take to get there. You can work on up to three skills at a time. 

Start working.gif

Check-in screen

Once you start working on a skill, it is important to have a possibility to check in with yourself on your progress. You can adjust your mood towards your work and, optionally, dive deeper with a written reflection. To reflect on a skill, choose it on the Activity board, сlick on "Check-in"", choose a mood, and scroll down to Deeper reflection section. You can also optionally add video evidence and make your reflection public to all organisation if you wish. You can write multiple written reflections. Then, choose the next action. 

Check in web.gif

Skill history

You can check out the history of your work on the skill by selecting the three dots next to it.
Your History tab.gif

If you added reflections to your topic, you can view, share, and edit them from the history page by clicking on the "View" next to it. 

Sharing a reflection

You can start a discussion with a colleague about your written and video reflections. To do so, click on the tile "You" in the skill and choose a reflection which you would like to share. Then, select View and click the share arrow on the top right and choose who you would like to share with directly. You can also publicly share reflections with your whole organisation by selecting "Community" button. If you share it with Community, you can unshare it later if you wish. 

Sharing reflections.gif
Once you have shared your reflection, a discussion board will open on the right side of it. You and anyone you have shared your reflection with can view and leave comments. You can see with whom exactly you shared your reflection in the top right corner. Please be informed, that if you have included video evidence in your reflection, the video will be visible to the person that you have shared it with only in the reflection itself. The video evidence will not appear in their Shared with Me Videos feed unless you share it with them separately from your reflection. 
Discussion from Activity tab.gif
You can just as well access Discussions on reflections from Activity tab in the right corner of the page or from the Reflections tab. 

Accessing discussions.gif
Finish working on a skill

When you are done working on a skill, choose it in the "Activity" tab, select three dots next to it and press "Backlog this skill". After the confirmation, the skill will be backlogged.  

Backlogging a skill.gif

You can work on up to three skills simlutaneously. If you would like to start working on a new skill, but you already have 3 active ones, you will be prompted to choose which skill you wish to backlog before activating a new one. After backlogging one of the three skills, a screen will open for you to choose your Future Me state for the new topic. 
Activate a new skill.gif

If you would like to work again with the backlogged skill, select "All" tab -> "Backlogged skills", click on three dots next to the skill, and select "Activate the skill". Then, select "Future Me" state and next action. 

Activate backlogged skill.gif

Recently active board

You can see what the members of your Reflectivity team are working on Recently active Board.

Recently active.gif

All board

You can see all the skills you are working on by selecting "All".




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