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Reflectivity mobile app - Navigating: iOS and Android

To be able to use Reflectivity app, you should already have an account created at

Start by downloading Reflectivity app from our Downloads page.
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Log in to your Reflectivity (Teams) account using your credentials at

See more on the login options in this article.


After you log in to your Reflectivity mobile app, you will see the Activity and Inspiration boards.

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On the Inspiration board, you can find inspiration for topics to reflect on and skills to develop. You can choose a topic that you would like to work on and the suggestion of skills will appear on the screen.

Inspiration board.gif

On the Activity board, you can see the topics and skills you have chosen to focus on.

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To add a new topic and a skill to work on, click on the “+” button and enter the topic name. You can either choose a topic from the suggested options or write your own. Then, choose a skill. 

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Each topic in Reflectivity is now a community. In topic communities, you can see updates about the work your colleagues are doing. 

You can see what the members of your Reflectivity team are working on the Recently active Board.

Recently active Board.gif

Encouragement goes a long way. This is why we’ve added boosts to Reflectivity. Boosts are small encouragements that you give to other users when they make progress on their work. You can boost other users from the advancing board, which displays recent activity by colleagues who need a boost. You can see updates your colleagues have made, and you can click boost to give them encouragement. Your colleagues will see when you’ve boosted them in their notifications.

You can boost the activity by clicking once on it and choosing "Boost".


To activate a skill, select it on Activity board, choose where would you like to see yourself in a month and which steps are you going to take to get there. You can work on up to 3 skills at a time. 


Once you start working on a skill, it is important to have a possibility to check in with yourself on your progress . You can adjust your mood towards your work and, optionally, dive deeper with a written reflection. To reflect on a skill, choose it on the Activity board, сlick on "Check-in"", choose a mood, and scroll down to Deeper reflection section. You can also optionally add video evidence and make your reflection public to all organisation if you wish. You can write multiple written reflections. Then, choose the next action. 


You can check out the history of your work on the topic by clicking on it and then choosing the Note icon. From here you can once again check in with yourelf multiple times. Here you can see when you started working on topic, every time you performed a check in, when you completed/finished a topic. If you added reflections to your topic, you can view and edit them from the history page by clicking on the "View" next to it. 


If you feel like you have achieved the goal that you put for yourself with this skill, select it on the "Activity" tab, select three dots next to it and press "Backlog this skill". After the confirmation, the skill will be backlogged.   

You can work on up to three skills simlutaneously. If you would like to start working on a new skill, but you already have 3 active ones, you will be prompted to choose which skill you wish to backlog before activating a new one. After backlogging one of the three skills, a screen will open for you to choose your Future Me state for the new topic. 

Mobile backlog.gif

If you would like to work again with the backlogged skill, select "All" tab -> "Backlogged skills", click on three dots next to the skill, and select "Activate the skill". Then, select "Future Me" state and next action.

Activating backlogged skills (1).gif

On Recently active board you can see what your Reflectivity team members are working on.  
Recently active (1).gif

Check out eLearning resource for the Reflectivity platform here.

Click here to check what features are available for different account types - What are Reflectivity (Teams) Account Types and Privileges?


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