Marker Audio FAQs

Using Secondary Markers: Do’s and Don’ts

Make sure your secondary markers are only ON when recording a specific person and group of people.

Secondary markers DONTs:

  • Do not put it into your pocket
  • Do not put it behind the bookshelf
  • Do not put your secondary marker too close to other markers
  • Do not use your secondary marker more than 3 feet from the speaker or group of speakers


Secondary markers DOs:

    • Turn on only when it needs to pick up audio from a particular speaker

If you expect to have a long lecture or presentation with a Q&A in the second part, it's best to turn the secondary markers ON specifically during the Q&A. This will ensure the cleanest overall audio in your video as secondary markers will automatically increase sensitivity and pick up all the noise unless nobody speaks into it. 

    • Turn off your secondary markers if you are actively using only the primary marker

If you have your secondary markers on with no particular speaker, they will be picking up the unwelcome background noise. This is expected behaviour so better keep the secondary marker ON when actually using them

    • If for any reason you must use secondary markers with no active speaker within 3 feet make sure to modify marker sensitivity to the make it maximum 

We cannot guarantee perfect audio in this case but this should reduce the background noise to the minimum

  • Generally, treat your secondary markers as microphones and ensure they are in the best position for picking up audio


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