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Why Is There Noise (e.g., Static, etc.) during the Video Playback on Reflectivity (Teams) web platform?

The most common reason for the static noise is the old version of the Swivl Capture app.

Software and firmware versions must be up to date for seamless robot-mobile device interaction.

If you have any static noise during the video playback, check your Swivl Capture app version and robot firmware version in the first place and make sure both of them are up to date.  You can find this information in Swivl Capture app > Settings > About Swivl > App version. 

You can check our most recent changes and updates in our Product Updates  

Need help with updating your Swivl Capture app or Robot firmware?  See detailed steps here CX and C Series robots: Updating Robot Base, Marker (s) and Link 


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