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Why Does My PC Not Recognize My Swivl as a Microphone Option?

For the Integrated Audio setup.

The PC should automatically recognize the Swivl after performing a firmware update, but if not, you may need to manually make a change in the Settings menu of the Swivl Capture app and switch Base port configuration to PC.

Unplug USB cable before manually changing Base port configuration! 


1. Now, navigate to the Settings Menu in the Swivl Capture app and tap on Base port configuration.

Base port configuration - iPad.jpg

2. Select “To PC” to connect to a computer, laptop, or interactive display such as a SMART Board.

To computer - iPad.jpg

3. Finally, connect a USB-A to USB-A cable from the back of the Swivl to the PC/Interactive Display/Chromebook's USB port. Recommended cable length is up to 20ft.

Example Setup with a Floor Stand
Integrated Audio Setup (1).jpeg

Troubleshooting steps

If the computer does not recognize the Swivl after the setup steps listed above, please do the following:

- restart the computer;

- open Audio Settings on the computer and manually select Swivl Audio Interface as audio input;

- make sure you are using the compatible USB A cable. For more information, please see:

Recommendations for Add-on Accessories and Hardware.


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