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I Recorded a Video but Cannot Find It in Reflectivity (Teams) Web Library

There is a chance that you are logged into the Reflectivity platform and Swivl Capture app on your mobile device using different emails. First, check the email address you have used to log in to the Reflectivity platform. You will find the address in the Profile tab at the bottom left corner of your Reflectivity account or simply open

Next, please check the email address you have used to log in to the Swivl Capture app. From the app home screen, click on the Profile tab of the navigation bar. 

Please double-check if you have logged into the same account on the app as the web platform.


If they don't match, please log in to your account on the Reflectivity platform using the same email as you are logged in in the Swivl Capture app and check if the video is in your Video library at


If you mistakenly recorded the video logged into a different Reflectivity account, please ask the owner of the video to use the feature ‘Send a Copy’ and the video will appear in your Library.


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