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As a Team member, you can create and use personal video tags. Tagged videos are easier to find when filtering in your Videos tab or back in the Administrator's Video portal. Use Video tags to distinguish best practice library videos from general videos or use them to designate the video content, e.g. Math, STEM, ELA, etc. 

Tagging Videos on Teams by Swivl online platform

Tags are available for Team account users only and improve the organization and categorization of your shared videos. Tagging videos is a great way to start building best practice libraries of videos within your organization.

 To tag a video within Swivl Teams, do the following:

1. Open your Library and open the video you want to tag.

2. Click three dots and select Edit project info.

3. A new screen will load where you can edit the title and description of the video, scroll down to the Video Tags section.

4. Start typing to search through the available tags, or scroll through the drop-down of tags.

5. Once you have added all of the tags that you want to include, click 'Save'.


Tagging Videos on Teams by Swivl mobile application

You can add and create tags after recording and before uploading the video to Teams web: when you finish the recording, click on VIdeo tags, you will see video tags created by you and other Team Members, select video tags you would like to apply ->Save:


If there is no such video tag yet, just type it and it will automatically be created.

Creating Video Tags

Go to Profile -> Settings -> Manage my video tags, and create as many tags as you desire. On this page, you will see only personal tags that you have created. 



Your team members will see a drop-down menu of the video tags that you created when they edit the description of their video. See the companion article to see what your Team Owner and Team Admins see. 

If you do not have an option to add new video tags, you will see a popup notification that this feature has been disabled by your Team Administrator/Owner - please reach out to them in case you would like to have this feature enabled. 




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