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Viewing Modes and Sessions Overview

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Viewing modes allow you to create different experiences for yourself and others when viewing videos inside Teams.

For users who are interested in the most complete video observation experience, use the Sessions mode. This mode presents you with a step by step series for delivering better feedback on videos. Set intention, deliver Feedback, and post a Summary. Recommended Sharing methods: Direct or Group.

The second viewing mode is the default for projects in your Library: Feedback mode which allows you and your viewers to watch you video in wide screen and leave comments and Bookmarks and add Prompts and Rubrics. You can read more about types of Feedback in our article. Recommended Sharing methods: Direct or Group.

The third viewing mode is View Only mode which is the best option for sharing videos with students and parents. You may post your own comments, but viewers cannot post comments on your video. Recommended Sharing methods: Weblink or Embed.



Sessions, step by step:

Switch to the Sessions mode


  1. Set Intention:

Define your "look fors" not only for yourself but for your feedback partners. Important questions to ask yourself when setting an Intention for your video:


  • What do you hope to accomplish in this video? 
  • Where do you want your viewers to focus so they know how to reflect, question, and comment throughout your video?



  1. Provide Feedback:
  • Time-stamped commenting
  • Bookmarking
  • Prompts
  • Rubrics


  1. Summary

Summarize your learnings and flesh out next steps. Answer questions like: 

  1. Did you meet the Intention you set? 
  2. If not, what will you do differently next time? 
  3. What are your next steps from here and how will you use what you learned in this video to impact other areas of your instruction going forward?



Tips and Advice:

  • Sessions are a place for collaboration so all session participants who have access to the Session will also see your intention, feedback, and summary. If you prefer to have a 1:1 Session with a colleague first duplicate* your project to share it with that person individually.
  • Direct and Group Sharing are the preferred methods of Sharing; Weblink access does not allow for recipients to leave comments and Embedding is best reserved for videos that you only need to share externally that don’t require collaboration.
  • Embedding shows a “view only” video wherever it is hosted as it behaves today (it will not show Session steps)

*How to duplicate a project:



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