SWIVL Training and Support webinars

Whether you’re new to Swivl or an advanced user, we’ll help you start Swivling and be successful this Fall!

Join our SWIVL Training and Support webinars:
Each Tuesday you will learn from our team of experts how to set up your Swivl Robot, what you can do with it as well as all the best tips and tricks.

Each Thursday we will talk about Teams by Swivl online platform so that you can efficiently use all the features for professional development and collaboration

Register for SWIVL Training and Support session held weekly on Tuesdays & Thursdays:




We’re doing our best to bring you the most relevant resources from around the web and from within our own arsenal to equip you in your distance learning endeavors and professional development. 

Feel free to call, chat, email, or tweet us if you need anything!


Stay safe!


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