What is Swivl?

Swivl Events and Webinars

Whether you’re new or advanced, we’ll help you start Swivling and be successful this Fall!

Join our Swivl Training and Support sessions for Fall 2021!

This year we're changing up the focus of each session to the following:

Tuesdays, starting in September, will feature our Swivlin Beyond series that will focus on topics that help educators use our Swivl products in new and creative ways. Our goal is to provide you with ideas on how to go beyond live streaming and connect with other educators using Swivl products!

Thursdays, also starting in September, will feature our Swivl Support Q & A. This will be the place to get your Swivl related questions answered as well as live technical support. Bring your questions!

Check out our schedule and register for join us!


Date Time (EST) Topic
09/07/21 11AM & 3:30PM  Swivlin Beyond: Live Stream Set Up
09/09/21 11AM & 3:30PM  Swivl Support Q&A
09/14/21 11AM & 3:30PM  Swivlin Beyond: Beginning of the School Year
09/16/21 11AM & 3:30PM  Swivl Support Q&A
09/21/21 11AM & 3:30PM  Swivlin Beyond: Family Outreach
09/23/21 11AM & 3:30PM  Swivl Support Q&A
09/28/21 11AM & 3:30PM  Swivlin Beyond: Student/Teacher Absences
09/30/21 11AM & 3:30PM  Swivl Support Q&A


The schedule for October:

Please note that in October the sessions will be held on Wednesdays and Thursdays.



11am & 3:30pm

Swivlin Beyond: Best Practices Library


11am & 3:30pm

Swivl Support Q & A


11am & 3:30pm

Swivlin Beyond: Peer to Peer Virtual Visit


11am & 3:30pm

Swivl Support Q & A


11am & 3:30pm

Swivlin Beyond: In-ear Live Coaching


11am & 3:30pm

Swivl Support Q & A


11am & 3:30pm

Swivlin Beyond: Grow Relationship with Students


11am & 3:30pm

Swivl Support Q & A



We’re doing our best to bring you the most relevant resources from around the web and from our team to equip you in your distance learning endeavors and professional development. 

Feel free to call, chat, email, or tweet us if you need anything!


Stay safe!


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