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Swivl Team Roles - Terms and Conditions

Team Owner and Admin

Owner and Admin have responsibility to manage membership within their Team account limits. No other member has access to this information but Owner and Admin. If you need to exceed the limits provided, you may upgrade or expand the services to meet your needs.

As Owner and Admin you will also be able to observe team member usage with various tools to monitor activity and to create group sharing folders. Each individual member within the Team account remains in control to publish, archive, or delete their videos as they see fit.

As Owner and Admin you will still retain your capability to use the service as an end member. Your videos as a member will remain under your control to publish, archive or delete as you see fit.

You must be an active subscriber to all Swivl communications in order for us to communicate important team account information and share training, on-boarding, and support resources with you. If you have previously unsubscribed from Swivl communications, you will be re-subscribed.
Please contact: if you have any questions.


Team Member

If you are invited to be part of Swivl Team you will have many advantages - common sharing space, group management, and other features.

Your Team's account Administrator is responsible for managing members within account limits, including your account. If limits are exceeded, the Administrator will be given a means to upgrade or expand the services to meet team needs. The Administrator will also be able to observe usage with various tools, to monitor activity, and create group distribution capabilities as well as manage other features. In some cases, Administrators are able to see your videos and associated analytics and comments.



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