Team Owner

Managing Security and Sharing Preferences

Available for: Admin, Owner

From the “Security” page in the Admin Dashboard, the Team Owner and Administrators can adjust sharing, security, and general settings.

While both the Owner and Admins have access to most of the same settings, there are some security settings that only the Team Owner can change.

Team Owner and Admin Settings

The Team Owner and Admins can both adjust:

  • the default viewing mode for all videos uploaded to the Team (Feedback or Session) 
  • whether Team Members can create groups and personal video tags
  • whether video tags and unique video titles are required for each video
  • which sharing options are available for Team Members



Team Owner Security Options

Only the Team Owner can adjust:

  • the name of the Team
  • whether Admins can Shadow Login to other Team members’ accounts
  • if Admins can view all Team members’ videos


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