Team Owner

Managing Security and Sharing Preferences

Available for: Admin, Owner*

Team Owner may define Sharing Preferences for the Team Administrators and all other Team Members. This means you can effectively choose what will be shown as available sharing options in the User side. Any options you toggle "off" will be shown as grayed out on the User side.

Regardless of your choices here remember that: Direct Share, Share to Group, Embed, and Clone are all Pro privileges. Weblink is the only Share option for Standard users regardless of other choices made in this menu.

1. Go to Setup>>>Security: Sharing

2. Toggle on and off the sharing options you would like your team members to access:


*Important note: Team Owner privileges supersede regular Team Administrators. Managing sharing preferences is a Team Owner privilege and cannot be altered by other Team Administrators. Not sure if you're the Owner? Check the top left corner of your Admin Portal page:


As a Team Owner you can also change the name of your Team:


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