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Changing Team Members' Account Type or Access to Team

Available for: Admin, Owner


You have multiple options for removing Users from your Team and reclaiming Pro licenses for continuous use throughout your subscription. Any Team Owner or Admin may perform the following actions on any Team Member:

Upgrade to Pro, Downgrade to Standard,

 Remove or


As a reminder, Pro licenses are transferrable within your Team for the entire duration of your subscription. You may upgrade or downgrade users from Standard to Pro as many times as you wish. You can also upgrade any Pro Team Member to become a Team Administrator free of charge.

Additionally, learn about our Auto-Allocation of Pro feature at the bottom of this page.


Upgrade or Downgrade Users:

When you purchased your team license you paid by the number of Pro licenses and we provided you with unlimited Standard users. We do this so you can easily switch Pro with Standard and vice versa throughout your subscription period without exhausting your limits. You can check your account limits and current distribution of seats in your subscription information panel on the main overview page of your Admin portal:



If you downgrade a user from Pro to Standard, that user will still have access to your team as a Standard team member, with fewer capabilities than before. Find more info in What Happens to my Stuff when I am Downgraded to Standard?

 To downgrade:
1. Go to the Team members tab
2. Click the checkbox next to the user's name (or selecting multiple users).
3.  Click on a dropdown menu in the column 'Account'.
4. Click Standard.

To upgrade, follow the same steps as above, and instead click on either Pro or Administrator.



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Remove, Lock, Unlock:

Removing is useful when you simply want to remove an account from your team. The user will still have access to their Swivl Teams account as a Standard (free) user of Swivl Solution with no affiliation to your team whatsoever. 

What happens to their videos?

  • All videos uploaded up until the point they are excluded remain in the Team Admin portal under "Videos" in the Videos Tab (you do have the option of removing all video content by that user when you select Remove)
  • If the removed user continues to use Swivl Teams, they will still have access to all of the videos they created; therefore, it is important to remember that:
  • If the removed user shared any of their videos whilst a Team Member to a Team Group or otherwise via Direct Share and then they delete these videos from their library, the recipient(s) will also lose access to those videos in their Feed
  • Utilizing the Remove feature frees up the license previously associated with that person, which you can now allocate to a new or existing user.


When users leave your organization and you need to keep their videos but do not wish for them to gain access to their account, you should Lock the user.



You can Unlock the user at any time if they rejoin your organization.

To Remove or Lock/Unlock:

1. Go to the Team members tab

2. Click the checkbox next to the user's name (or select multiple users).

3. Click on three dots in the column 'Action'.

4. Select the action you want to do.


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Auto-Allocate Pro Feature

If there are Pro seats available on your Team and 30 days have passed since you last assigned anyone to Pro, Auto-Allocate will kick in. The remaining Pro seats will be automatically assigned to the most active standard users. These are the team members who have the highest total amount of recorded video minutes from all uploaded videos for the previous month. This feature is ON by default for all teams, but this setting can be toggled OFF by the Team Owner in the Security Tab of the Setup Menu.



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