What is Teams+?  


This app can only be used with Teams by Swivl App for multi-camera recording. You can download it for free from AppStore or Google Play.

Teams+ for iOS

Teams+ for Android

Teams+ for laptop web browser (Chrome, FireFox, Edge)

Teams Screencast app for desktop (MacOS, Windows)


The multi-camera feature is recording multiple videos to capture simultaneously up to five videos of small group interactions. You can record the main video using either a compatible iOS or Android device and up to four additional videos.

Muti-camera video allows:

  • Record video using the built-in camera of your device, see Recording a Multi-Camera Video*
  • Record what’s on your screen, like PowerPoint slides, videos, or your lesson activity, see Screencasting*

    Teams+ Student Observation


    Teams+ Desktop: Screencasting


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