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What is Swivl Capture+?  


This app can only be used with Swivl Capture App for multi-camera recording. You can download it for free from AppStore or Google Play.

Swivl Capture+ for iOS

Swivl Capture+ for Android

Swivl Capture+ for laptop web browser (Chrome, FireFox, Edge)

Screencast+ app for desktop (MacOS, Windows)


The multi-camera feature is recording multiple videos to capture simultaneously up to five videos of small group interactions. You can record the main video using either a compatible iOS or Android device and up to four additional videos. When joining from an additional device, it is possible to enter your name to distinguish yourself from other camera feeds in a multi-camera session. 

Muti-camera video allows:

  • Record video using the built-in camera of your device, see Recording a Multi-Camera Video*
  • Record what’s on your screen, like PowerPoint slides, videos, or your lesson activity, see Screencasting*

    Swivl Capture+ Student Observation






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