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CX and C Series Robots: Changing shims


Shims allow mobile devices of varying widths to fit tightly, but comfortably in the Swivl base and ensure better tilt.

All kits come standard with three shims - small, medium, and large. 



1. Slide the grip out of the base by pushing firmly to the left. 


The grip will already have one shim installed as shown above.


2. Remove the shim from the grip by pulling it outward.


3. Replace it with the appropriate shim that best fits the width of your device with its usual case. 


4. Replace the grip into the base by aligning the grooves on the grip with the grooves on the base. When it sits flat, slide the grip to the right to lock it in place.





In case you want to use the Swivl Robot with the large device (e.g. iPad Air 10.5", iPad Pro 11"), for the best fixation during recording we recommend using the Mount Anything Kit that can be purchased in our Swivl Online Store:


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