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No Internet Connection Error: How to Verify Internet Connection on your Mirror

No Internet Connection Error

There may be situations where your Mirror Device is connected to a WiFi network, but the internet is not working. This means that the Mirror Device does not have access to the internet.


Consult your IT or Network team to determine if there are any firewall settings that might be blocking the Mirror Device from accessing the network and the internet. Ensure that the necessary access permissions for your Mirror Device are granted.

Checking Network State - No Internet


  • Access the "Check Network" screen through the Quick Settings in the top right corner. Navigate to the About screen. Select "Check Network" and then press the "Check Network" button.

If everything is functioning correctly, you will see only green checkmarks. If there are any red indicators, or if only the "Internet" checkmark is green, it means that the Mirror Device does not have internet access and is being blocked. In this case, please contact your IT or Network team for further assistance.




Checking Network State - Internet is available

Below is an example of the "Check Network" status when internet access is available and all Mirror internet resources are accessible.



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