Setting Up Reflections

How to Access Information about the Mirror Device

How to Find Your Mirror Device Serial Number

Finding the serial number of your Mirror Device is essential for support, warranty, and registration purposes. You can locate this number using one of the two methods described below.

  • Method One: Factory Label

Check the back of the Mirror Device below the remote control mounting for the factory label containing the serial number.

  • Method Two: About Screen

Access "About" from the Quick Settings in the top right corner to view the serial number information on-screen.

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How to Check Battery Levels

To find the battery level for both your Mirror Device and its remote control, follow these simple steps - open the Quick Settings in the top right corner:

  • Mirror Device: you will see the "System Battery Information," which shows the current battery level and connection type (charging or battery).
  • Remote Control: you will see the look for the "Remote Control Battery Information" to see the remote's current battery level.


How to Check Your Software Version

For details on your Mirror Device's software version, including device software, apps, and firmware:

  • Open the Quick Settings located in the top right corner, where you'll find the installed software version information.

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How to Check Device Regulatory Information

To check your Mirror Device Regulatory Information, follow these steps: 

  • Go to Quick Settings -> About -> Regulatory Labels

Mirror Certification



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