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Sessions Retirement FAQ - March 2023

On March 15, we made several changes to our products.
These updates included new product names and updates to available features, including Sessions. Learn more about this change here.
What happened to Sessions?
As part of our new direction, we have disabled Sessions. However, written reflection is still available to organizations that have access to Reflectivity features. These new features have not been automatically added to your account.  If you are interested in accessing Reflectivity features, please ask your team owner to contact .
Will I have access to my previously created Sessions?
The Sessions tab is no longer available. You can request access to your existing Sessions by emailing .We’re excited to see educators use Reflectivity to gain increased focus, motivation, and collaboration in their work by exchanging ideas and sharing their energy. They can do it all while continuing to engage in deep video and written reflection when the time is right.


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