Reflectivity (Teams) Account FAQs

What Should I Do If I See a Message that My Password Has Been Compromised?

If you are trying to set up your account or reset the password to an already existing account and see the following message


that means that the password that you are trying to set up seems unsafe.

Please try using a Google sign-in as it is a convenient and secure option. Otherwise, please create a stronger password. For this you can use a third-party password generator tool or create it yourself by following these rules: password must contain at least 8 characters with a mix of numbers. 

General password tips: 

  1. Do not use:
    • Short passwords (at least, 8 characters)
    • Common words (‘password’, ‘user’, etc)
    • Context-specific words, such as the name of the service, the username, and derivatives thereof (google, facebook, etc)
  2. Use passwords with:
    • 10 or more characters total, and
    • Combination of lowercase, uppercase, special (#,<,&,@ etc) characters and numbers
Swivl made it easy for me to handle my issue.
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