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How Do I Sanitize the Swivl Kits?

All Swivl robots and markers should be frequently cleaned and disinfected.

To sanitize the robot and the markers remember the following:

  • before cleaning it, unplug the robot from the wall outlet and disconnect all the cords;
  • avoid excessive wiping (ensure moisture does not get into any openings);
  • use disinfectant wipes (e.g. Lysol) for cleaning the robot and components let us get dry before using it;
  • do not spray cleaner directly on a robot or a marker, instead, spray it on a cloth or a wipe;
  • you can wear a mask while using the marker  if you need, the audio will be picked up fine, just remember to wear the marker close to your face. You can use a lapel clip.

Here you can find information how to clean shared iOS mobile devices which are used with the robots.

Here you can find CDC recommendations how to clean and disinfect schools.


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