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How Long Should It Take to Upload My Video to Reflectivity (Teams)?

Depending on the size of your video and the strength of your network, upload times can be highly variable. The fastest speed we’ve observed for upload time is half the recorded time of your video and the slowest we've witnessed is two to three times the length of your video.

If you are experiencing longer than normal upload times using your WiFi network and you are using a mobile device that has an option to connect to cellular data, try turning off your WiFi, and re-attempt to upload the video from the Swivl Capture app library over cellular data.

To enable uploading over cellular, please toggle the "Upload over cellular" option in the Swivl Capture app.

To do so, please open the Swivl Capture app > Settings > Advanced > Upload over cellular


Upload over cellular.jpg


If the "Upload over cellular" option is already enabled, and you still have difficulties uploading the video, please make sure the Swivl Capture app is allowed to use cellular in the Settings of your iPhone.

To check the cellular data permissions, please open Settings > Cellular > and find Swivl Capture (Teams) app. 

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