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How to Amplify Teacher's Audio while Live Streaming Using Integrated Audio Setup?

You can amplify a teacher's voice for the students in the classroom while live streaming with Swivl. 

First of all, please setup Integrated audio for live streaming, following the instructions provided here: Integrated Audio setup

To amplify the teacher's voice:

  • 1. Open QuickTime Player

    Quicktime player icon.png

    2. Select New audio recording

    New audio recording.jpeg

    3. Click on the arrow next to the record button to ensure that Swivl Input Audio Interface (Swivl Link) is selected
    Swivl Input Audio Interface.jpeg

    Swivl Link Audio.jpeg

    4. Adjust the volume

    Adjust the volume.png

    Please note, you do not need the QuickTime to record the audio. This step merely allows you to output Swivl audio through the MacBook speakers.


  • 1. Click with the right button on the Speakers icon at the right side of the taskbar

    Speakers icon.jpeg

    2. Select Sound


    3. Open Recording tab. Select Swivl Audio Interface and click on Properties

    Swivl Link Audio.jpeg

    4. In Digital Audio Interface Properties, open the Listen tab and check mark Listen to this device

    Listen to this device mark.jpeg



Please note, in order not to have audio feedback, a teacher should not stand too close to the laptop/PC since the audio will come through the laptop/PC speakers. 


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