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Apple ID Sign Up/Sign In

How to Avoid Issues while Signing up with Apple ID to Swivl Capture App?

Due to Apple's requirements for iOS applications, there is a possibility to sign up with Apple ID for Swivl Capture app on iOS devices.

While creating an account using your Apple ID, you have the option to share your email address or hide it. For more information see: How to use Sign in with Apple

For easier access to your Reflectivity account at, we recommend choosing the 'Share My Email' option. 


If you choose to hide your email address, a unique, random email address is created, so your personal email address isn't shared with the Swivl Capture app.


Any Swivl messages sent to this address should be automatically forwarded by Apple to your personal email address by our private email relay service. You should be able to read and respond directly to these emails. For more information on how Hide My Email works see: What is Hide My Email?

If you do not receive emails from Swivl on your email, see the information below. 

I Accidentally Used a Hidden Apple ID to Sign up for Swivl Capture App

- open

- click on the "Forgot your password?" link


- enter the unique email address created by Apple (it is displayed in your Profile in the Swivl Capture app)


- reset the password (you will receive the link on the email that is associated with your Apple ID)

Please note, if you do not receive emails from Swivl on your email, make sure you enable email forwarding to your Apple ID email address. On your iPad, iPhone, iPod:

1. Open Settings, then tap [your name]

2. Tap Password & Security

3. Tap Apps Using your Apple ID

4. Tap Swivl Capture => Manage settings

5. Tap Swivl Capture again. Enable Forward to feature. 


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