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What is Smart Playback?

  Available for a Reflectivity team only

Omit the insignificant sections of your videos, such as periods of extended silence. Watch videos in half the time with intelligent playback. For Reflectivity team users, we enabled a machine learning algorithm that intelligently and securely analises the video in your video to optimise what you see and hear in your classroom. 


– If you are only a Reflectivity free user, you can't enable Smart Playback on your own videos but don't fret! If a Reflectivity team user shares a video with you that is over 10 minutes long, you will also be able to utilise Smart Playback mode on the shared video. 

If you would like to enable/disable the default option for Smart Playback on videos over 10 minutes long, go to your Account Profile, click the Settings tab and scroll down to the notifications section:




Toggle the auto-enable Smart Playback to OFF and you'll be all set. You will still be able to manually select Smart Playback on all videos uploaded over 10 minutes long in the playback bar as shown in our instructional video above. 


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