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Reflectivity (Teams) Playback Issues Troubleshooting


  • The video is freezing when you click on the Play/Pause button, switch between markers, or jump to another time;
  • You get an error message “The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported”;
  • The video keeps buffering in an attempt to trim it. 


In this case please try to perform the following steps:

1. Use a laptop, not a mobile device, and make sure you have a very good Wi-fi connection

2. Restart your web browser

3. Connect the computer to another Wi-fi network

4. If it is a Multi-marker video please turn off the Auto-audio mode:

Auto-audio playback mode.png

5. If nothing helps, it could be an anti-virus software on your computer blocking the video so turn it off (including built-in Windows defender) and see if this helps.

6. Multi-marker video: for all markers playback any browser works fine. If switching between the tracks we recommend Safari, IE, and Edge for the best experience while Chrome and Firefox may need page refreshing and cause pauses.


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