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In-Ear Coaching : in Person

In-ear coaching is a powerful way for coaches to provide real-time feedback with a teacher during a lesson when a coach is in the classroom  observing a teacher in-person during a Swivl recording. 

See how St. Lucie Public Schools uses in-ear coaching to support their teachers.

What you need is Swivl robot, a compatible mobile device and two markers: one for a teacher and the other one for a coach.


In-Person With Multi-Marker Audio

  1. Connect the Robot to a mobile device and turn on at least two markers.
  2. The teacher plugs earbuds in the Primary Marker and wears only the right earbud. Audio will only come out of the right earbud in this setup.live_stream_2.png
  3. Place a Secondary Marker near the coach, who may be observing from the back or side of the room.
  4. Press the left or right arrow on the Primary Marker to activate Multi-Marker audio.
  5. Note that manual tracking can still be used by pressing and holding the directional arrows on the Primary Marker.
  6. The up and down arrows on the Primary Marker will adjust the volume of the audio from the earbud.
  7. The teacher can now hear when the coach speaks to her through the right earbud.

You can find the details of In-Ear Coaching while live-streaming here


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