Synth FAQ

  • You can easily change the name of your Channel in the Channel settings. 


  • You can add chimes and additional links to your recording. After you record a Synth, click on three dots and choose Edit, then you will be able to add a melody and links. 


  • In order for students to record their answers to your Synth, they need to have an active Synth account, it is completely free of charge to register and they can do it here.

    To reply to the Synth, a student has to click on the coral microphone on the Synth that they're listening to.



  • Most likely, the issue is with the wrong microphone settings. Check the microphone chosen by default and change it if necessary. 



  • Unfortunately, the transcription feature is currently not available.

  • Unfortunately, it is impossible to merge Synths.

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